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600 cfm hood with Blue Star 36' RNB

11 years ago

In my remodel, I am planning to buy a Blue Star 36" RNB with four burners and a grill. Now, the question of the hood. I live in a Manhattan pre-war apartment building with thick plaster wallks, structural columns, ceiling beams, etc.

In looking at Blue Star and Modernaire hoods, it seems that once you go over 600 cfm, there is no choice but to have a duct larger than 6". I will not have the ability to run the ductwork in the walls. The ducts will have to run through my upper cabinet (what a waste of space!) and out through a window, which I will modify to accommodate the duct. (Alternatively, I might be able to break through to the adjacent maid's room and conceal the ducts through a soffit.

If I have to use a larger duct, I will either lose extra cabinet space or have to build a larger soffit.

The question is whether I cn use a 600 cfm hood and have it perform adequately. I will be unlikely to be running more than a couple of burners and the grill at the same time--at the most. I have read that the lower cfm will mean a noisier operation but I think I could live with that if I had to. My concern is the smoke and the smell. Will the lower cfm level work well enough?


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