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slider bar vs. hand-held on shower head arm?

12 years ago

I'm in process of redoing our master bath. It has a shower, no tub. Our shower has sliding glass doors. We are adding a bench seat, putting a 1/2 wall with fixed glass, and a pivoting door(i think, not sure difference btwn. this and swinging).

I am so confused about shower heads! From reading the forum, seems like most folks love their hand-helds on slider bars.

Do we need a slider bar? We are 2 adults, no children use this shower, it's only a shower, no tub. What would be the advantage of a slider bar? I'm looking at this type,

"hand-held on shower arm"

I would greatly appreciate any opinions on this. Ive never used a hand-held. I like idea of it, but I'm not able to see the advantage of putting in on a slider bar. The contractor suggested we do both...a fixed shower head the hand-held on a slider bar.

...slider bar or just the hand-held attached to a shower arm?

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