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Please don't flame me! Hand held shower question

11 years ago

I know there have been many posts, but I still don't understand the hook up for a hand held shower combined with a tub/shower faucet.

I have a Danze D500058 tub/shower faucet (which includes the valve). I want to also attach a Danze hand held shower (D465005). I don't want to attach the hand held to the stationary shower. I want to attach it to the wall on a slide bar.

So, what do I need that didn't come with the package of the handheld? (Brands, model numbers, specifics)

It really doesn't have to be a Danze, but I would like a chrome hand held on a slide bar that attaches separate from the stationary shower head.

I apologize for being a dummy, but when it comes to this, I guess I am.

Thanks so much.

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