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hand held and rain shower questions

14 years ago

Our post hurricane rebuild continues and everyday we are faced with more decisions and again I hope someone out there can answer questions for me since there is more collective wisdom on this forum than I've found anywhere else.

Subject 1: Rain Showers

  1. On another post I read that 9'6" for the height of the shower head would be too high. Since my ceiling is going to be 10' should I get a longer arm (or whatever the correct term is) to bring the rain shower head lower? What would be a good height for this? Is this standard or does it depend on the brand, my water pressure, my preference? Basically I have no preference since I've never used one of these before but all the comments seem so favorable and I'm trying to be open to new ideas.

  2. Are rain showers only suitable for showers and not tub/showers? The designer at the plumbing supply looked at me in horror when I asked if this type of shower head could be used in a tub/shower in addition to the hand spray. "Nobody does that," was her comment. The specific tub I was hoping to do this with is the Tea for Two (K-855-R)which is 66" x 36" overall and 45" x 25" at the bottom of the bathing well. Since we can't have a separate shower in the space available I was hoping to liven up the shower experience in this bathroom.

Subject 2: Hand Sprays

  1. We have never had an expensive hand spray, only waterpiks installed on the available shower arm. These have worked perfectly fine---cheap and long lasting as well as effective. In the new bathrooms I was thinking of upgrading to the fancy items I've been seeing but as always questions arise. Do the metal sprays really hold up better over time than the plastic sprays? Ususally with the plastic waterpik hose of smooth plastic I just give it a quick wipe with the sponge while cleaning. Is there a problem keeping that metal coil hose clean? (You all are going to think I'm cleaning obsessed but really I'm just efficiency obsessed---maybe lazy but I want things that are low maintenance). This brings me to that slide bar. Do these mechanisms hold up over time? I was thinking that I would prefer one that attaches to the shower arm just like the waterpik and then maybe install another bracket or hook at a lower level for someone who wanted to shower while seated.

  2. Again, for that Tea for Two shower/tub combo, if you think the rain shower would not be suitable would a fixed head of some sort at one end and the hand spray at the other end seem like a good idea? I'll have a one foot deep seat/ledge at the spray end that could be used for a seated shower or leg shaving.

Long post but I hope someone can help me. Thanks

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