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Extend new car, rust proofing and car loan insurance ...

10 years ago

I'm financing a new Hyundai and the dealership was offering me 3 additional items listed below when I signed up my new car contract earlier today.... and I need to let them know my decision when I pick up my new car in 2 weeks.

Therefore, I need your expert opinions out there to help make up my mind within these 2 weeks:-

1- a very unique extended warranty which extends from their original 5 year to 7 years for $1480. What so unique about it is that if I don't need it (ie: no claims) at the end of 7 years, I would have ALL that $1480 refunded (yes - tax as well)... any comments from those of you who have any experience with this type of extended warranty ?

2 - Sym-tech rust proofing for $848 or $1248 including paing & interior protection, any comments from those who had their car done by sym-tech ?

3 - they are also trying to offer me an accident and health insurance for my car loan for the duration of the financing period. anyone buys this kind of insurance ?

This is my first new car in a very long time.... so any help / hints / tips on what to buy to protect my new car investment would be much appreciated .... thanks !

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