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Brainstorming! One Big Shared Bath or 2 Minis?

12 years ago

Hi! I live in a 127yr old Victorian, and when it was built, the bathroom was out back by the barn! About 1925, the smallest of 4 bedrooms (11x9) on the 2nd floor was converted to a bathroom - standard layout, toilet, small wall hung sink, claw foot tub with shower ring - all on 1 9ft wall. The other half of the room has a large window (now with a small radiator underneath), a closet, and a good deal of empty space. It's the only bathroom on the bedroom level - shared by all 3 bedrooms (large master plus 2 child/guest bedrooms).

We've lived with the old bathroom for years, and raised 2 kids in this house. Currently there's DH, myself and DD17 at home - sharing isn't ideal but not impossible. However we understand most home buyers want a separate master bath.

In our dream renovation, we'd add a two story addition which included a master bath and closets. Unfortunately that's not in the near term budget. So we're looking at our DIY options (we're fairly skilled).

Option 1 - Improve the current bath (9x11) - steal the linen closet and use the space for a walk in shower. Keep the rest of the bath in same locations (replace the sink with a better one). I'd have room to add a stacked laundry in a cabinet - so no more lugging laundry baskets up and down 2 flights to the basement, and a linen cabinet.

Option 2 - Split the bath into two smaller ones. Hall bath (5x9) gets claw foot tub with shower ring by the window, standard in line layout with toilet & sink. Linen closet is given to adjacent bedroom (which only has a 2x3 closet!) Other half of the bathroom becomes a small Master bath (5x9) similar layout except we'd put a walk in shower on the end where the tub is in the other bath, in line layout with toilet & sink. Shift the Master Bedroom door down the hall, so the new bathroom is just inside the master suite. No 2nd floor laundry. Note - there is NO WINDOW in the Master bathroom. A solar tube/ sky light is a possibility.

Both options would have similar finishes - probably a traditional white subway tile type look that suits the style of the house.

This is just musing at this point in time, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Pros, cons, questions, comments!

FYI - the main level has just a tiny 1/2 bath powder room. There is a 4th bedroom on the main floor that functions as my office. There will be another full bath (9x9, standard 3 piece set up) on the basement level when we finish that off (with only a small den/media room down there). There's no room for a full bath on the main floor unless I want to sacrifice half the kitchen.

If we ever get to do the big addition, we'll tear down that 4th bedroom/office (a finished old porch), and add a two story addition with a mud room & office/alternate master bedroom with a nice full bath on the main level, and a master bath/closets on the 2nd floor. However this dream addition isn't in the budget at the moment, unless the lottery fairies favor us!

So 1 bigger, brighter lux bath with a 2nd floor laundry, or 2 smaller baths, but 1 is a Master?

Let's have a little fun!


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