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Screened Porch off great room dilemma... opinions please!

9 years ago

Our proposed houseplan (this is the rough draft) has a covered, screened porch off the Great Room.
The question is: will it make the house too dark? Are there viable options to negate this? Is the enjoyment of the porch worth the trade offs?

We want the porch because:
1) for extra entertaining space, an extension of the living areas. For this reason, we'd like to keep it centrally located.
2) we like where it is to have the access door from the master bedroom. eventually we may have a jacuzzi out there...
3) we want it screened because we're in Tennessee... which means a lot of bugs, and mosquitoes like to use me as a buffet. :)

The Great room will be a flat ceiling because I prefer that to vaults. Mostly likely will be coffered or something similar... something decorative.

Are sun tunnels/skylights or something of the sort a good option? In the great room? In the porch to help light flow to the great room?

I am including a picture of the location of the house and our plan. As you can see from the spot, its on a nice, open sunny hill (it'll have a walkout basement)- and the back of the house will face mostly East (slightly south-east).

Please help me decide what we should do!

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