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Please review screened porch layout and advise

9 years ago

Greetings, I am adding a screened porch behind my dining room. There are outswing double french doors (6 foot wide) from the dining room to the porch. These will swing out over a wide step that will be about 2+ feet in depth and wider than the width of the French doors. The height of the step will be about 7.5 inches to the porch level. This is designed so that the height of the porch from the ground level can be less than 30 inches above the ground, which is the height at which a railing is required in our county (therefore this porch will not need a railing by code). The porch will have the Ezebreeze panels that have the "plastic" sheeting windows over the screens. The single door on the left side opens to a deck.

I was playing with the furniture layout so that I could better determine where to place the ceiling fans and outlets.

Please review the layout and the walking distances. I know they are a little tight but we are on the small side relatively.

The first diagram does not include the measurements so that you can see the placement better. There is a ceiling fan over the loveseat pair and another over the table. The double outswing door from the family room is drawn in but not the step.

The second diagram includes the measurements (sorry for the dark black bars, it is my first time using this software). The "rug" just outside the dining room door represents the location of the needed step.I need advice as to the desired depth and width of that step given the proposed pathways and how the French doors would swing open.

The porch can expand a little bit lengthwise but the width is fixed.

Here is the first layout without walking distances and the step down. The french doors are each 3 feet wide for a total of 6 feet.

Second diagram with the measurements and the Stepdown (represented by the "rug", current 2 foot short width in the diagram.) Sorry for the dark black bars, it is my first time using this software.

Would appreciate your advice!

Can you address these specific questions
1. Would you center the ceiling fans over the furniture as in this diagram or align them more on the porch dimensions? The lattter would place the ceiling fan over the sofa backing to the screened doors instead of the coffee table. I am intending to have recessed lights placed slightly outside the radius of the ceiling fans so that I do not get the "strobe" effect.
2. How wide and deep (front to back) should the step be that the french doors swing over? It will be a standard 7.5 inches height. Would you extend it more to the right than I have it depicted (with the "rug") ? Should the left bookcase nearest the double doors be omitted so that the step can extend further?
3. Where would you put floor outlets around the loveseat pair? Probably will be using electronics there as well as at the table.
4. I was going to put 3 way switches for the ceiling fans and lighting on the left side of the french doors (porch side) and the house side of the single door to the deck (porch inside).However, I can see that might not be the best plan by the french doors since the doors will block the switches when they are open. Would you instead put those switches on the dining room side beside the french doors? Do you think I need wall mounted lights aloingside the french doors? Again , that might be a problem with the outswing doors.

Thats all for now! Thanks in advance for any help.

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