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Please critique my floor plan!

12 years ago

Hi everyone

I posted a couple of days ago asking for advice about putting the toilet in front of the window. Today I've included a rough floor plan. Four kids use this bathroom. We want one to be able to be in the shower while another is at the vanity (2 boys, 2 girls). We want low maintenance so we're thinking good quality acrylic shower stall with frosted glass. We thought about a tiled walk in shower but are thinking that the tile would be high maintenance and expensive for a shower that no one will really see. In addition to this bathroom, we have a four piece ensuite in the master bedroom upstairs, and a two piece powder room on the first floor.

The wall behind the toilet will be 6 feet high then open to the ceiling (9 feet). For the next 3-4 years when the traffic is high, we're planning to put a tension rod with a nice shower curtain in the opening to the shower area. Then when 2-3 kids leave the nest, we'll get rid of it.

Issues: Is toilet okay where it is? I'm thinking that we'll put a half shutter on the window.

Is two feet enough clearance to get through to shower area?

Any other thoughts or opinions? Thanks for any input!


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