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Anyone allergic to Bare Escentuals make up?

15 years ago

Anyone having allergy reactions or excessive dry skin from the Bare Minerals?

I had my neighbor come by a couple of weeks ago with her Bare Escentuals makeup and give me a make over with it. I decided I liked it well enough to order some.

I think it was last Sat. or Sun. that I used an Oil of Olay mask. I haven't used a mask in like forever. You were only suppose to keep it on for 5 minutes. Well, right after I get it smeared on, my DH hands me the phone and it's my friend Janice, who was inquiring after my back trouble. We wound up talking for about 30 minutes. I go rinse off the mask and go about my business.

I wasn't using the B E everyday, especially if I wasn't leaving the house. I might just use my liquid makeup or none at all. Tuesday, I have an MRI scheduled, I decide to make up my face with the B E. All went well and I continued my day. I washed my face that night before retiring.

Well.....I wake up Wed. morning with my face feeling like it's got a sunburn. It's real sensitive and tight if I wrinkle my forehead or move my chin, cheeks or nose. I can see a faint red discoloration in the creases of my mouth and from my nose to the corners of my mouth. Not bad but looks a little raw.

OK, it's Sunday now folks and I'm still having those same feelings. I picked up a Neutrogena cleansing bar for sensitive skin. I'm wearing only a fragrance free moisturizer trying to heal it. No makeup. Not much luck so far.

My DH thinks it's because I wore the mask too long and dried my skin out, then used the B E mineral powders, which are also drying, and my skin is just sapped of any moisture and raw because of it.

I'm just sick about the whole thing. If I can get my skin to heal, I'm questioning if I should use the B E again. I found a forum where women were discussing their allergies and conditions the B E has caused them. Some had been to Dermatolgists who had been treating other women for conditions who had been using B E. One doctor told his patient that the Mineral Veil especially, has cornstarch in it and it's a drying agent.

My skin has always been on the dry side, and the older I get the more dry it is. I was using a light moisturizer under it, but maybe I needed something heavier since it has a tendency to be drying. I remember that I felt a prickly sensation when I first apply it and when my neighbor applied it. Allergies? I don't know. Continuous brushing of the skin? I don't know.

Anyway, just wondered if any of you have experienced adverse side effects from the B E line of makeup. I really want to be able to use it because I love how it conceals.

Would you try it again if you were me?

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