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Can someone help with the value of Cast Iron tub & sink?

10 years ago

I am trying to help my mom sell some things before she moves. There is a cast iron tub and sink that has been in the barn for years. I have seen many cool projects on Pinterest using the same type items. I listed them both on Craig's list, but have not gotten a nibble. I guess they are overpriced. She desperately needs to make some money, but I don't want her to get ripped off either. Any help would be appreciated!!

1. Tub, no feet. Could be used as a cool Pinterest type planter, or maybe to hold water in a field.

2. Sink, Vintage/Antique. Could be used in garden to wash vegetables, or clean fish, or for a potting table or as a planter. Can be cleaned and revived or left funky

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