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hairline cracks in Kohler Mendota cast iron tub--anyone else?

16 years ago

The plumber got the 375 pound Kohler Mendota cast iron tub in place and noticed a small area of cracks in the surface. They only are on the surface, enough to hold dirt as the pix link below shows. Of course the cracks are right near the drain in an obvious spot.

The plumber's wholesaler and himself called Kohler and were told "remove the tub for a replacement." No other help or even apology. Obviously this is not ideal, and we don't want him to haul the tub down (the dumpster is gone now) and haul up another.

Any suggestions before I start calling Kohler myself. As a former Wisconsin girl, this was disappointing. Shouldn't Kohler make some sort of good will gesture to compensate for their poor quality control?

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:1472022}}

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