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Any rug experts out there? I'd love to have some info on THIS rug.

3 months ago

Today, my husband brought home an Oriental hand knotted rug. No background info is available on it. The size is 6'3" X 9' . It does have some intense pink accents in it, making me think it has some age to it. It's in almost pristine condition! Only one little flea bite, a 4" section on the very edge, towards the back, needs the finished edge rewrapped...and I can fix that.It's a very high knot count, 100% wool with cotton warp.

A) What region is it from?

B) Age?

C) Pattern?

Photo was taken from above. The colors are actually very bright and clear. No fading.

It's late in the day, there's no sun light left to photograph it.

The back of the rug.

Any information on what I might have here?

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