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Mahogany DR Set

18 years ago

I just started visitng this board -

I'll need help - undergoing a whole house reno 2ndary to flooding (boiler malfunction sent water into all the radiators which normally steam)

I'll start with this fun post

I just purchased this dinning room set -

minus the china cab (I have built in in DR corner unit & a small DR 11x11)

The set had all same #'s on each piece

estimate that it was from 40's - perhaps someone could help with that.

I posted on furniture site and 2 different opinions 1. Duncan Phyfe style another was Chippendale - Can anyone tell me?

It's quite dirty cob webby - from estate where the elderly woman passed away - she bought it, from prior homeowner when she moved into the house 30yrs ago. I think the home is 1930's

I love finding great bargains

$1350 table w/leaf, pads, 6 chairs (i'll get new fabric), buffet and mirror

Will need a good cleaning & lemon oil

I need help with how to clean/shine it really well, what type of fabric - looks easy to do - 3 layers of fabric are stapled onto the chairs

and a few minor touch ups in areas where stain is worn (like arm of chair)

Also differing opinions as to how to clean -

mineral spirits to clean then paste wax

"GoJo" (from auto parts store)

lemon oil


& Minwax polyshades for areas where stain has worn (arms of chairs)

I will also need to recover the seat cushions - it looks fairly easy to remove all fabric - and staple new - but would like any suggestions - as to how to go about, what type to use (where to buy !)

can anyone help with the style, value, and how to clean & minor restore

Feels like Christmas



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