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Do I Need To Use Viking Brand Blower with a Viking Hood ?

10 years ago

Im about to buy this hood :


The retailer is telling me I must use a Viking brand blower as well, there is no other suitable option. i plan to install the 10" duct work and it will be about 30' with several 90 degree bends. Therefore I want to use a 1200 CFM inline blower, like the FanTech FKD-10XL, which is only $400. The similar Viking version is about $1200, 3x the price!

If its all the same, I would rather just use the FanTech blower since this will reside up in the attic or somewhere in the duct work close to the attic.

Im wondering if when Viking sells these hoods, do they NOT supply some of the mounting hardware that is only included with their blower motor kit ? Or perhaps is it not possible to wire in a generic blower motor to the Viking hood ?

Im trying to save some $ here, and this is the ONLY hood that I think will look good in my new kitchen so I definitely want it. Just dont want to spend more than I need to on a Viking brand blower when a Fantech brand is every bit as good...

Thanks in advance!

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