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Back wall of house built into hill - need advise, please.

16 years ago

Hi -

We recently bought a small weekender lake house that we eventually want to retire to. It is built into a hill - very unusual construction for Texas - so I am not familiar with waterproofing issues.

We are removing the kitchen cabinets on that wall. Long story - but the elderly woman that lived there since building it in 1964 went thru a termite attack that has since been treated - the cabinets were damaged & I suspect the wall behind them will need repair too.

While we have it open, we would like to coat that wall with something to close any hairline cracks, prevent moisture, etc in the concrete block wall. We plan on re-framing with metal studs & the interior finish will probably be sheetrock above the cabinets & a tile backsplash.

Not sure if moisture has ever been a problem - I guess we'll see when we rip out the existing cabinets & paneling.

Any advise on coatings, what materials to use in rebuilding that wall, etc. will be GREATLY appreciated. I keep seeing XPS mentioned here & I will research the link to that. No knowledge of this product at all.

I'll link to a picture of the wall as is so you'll have an idea of the area needing work. There is one other room on this back wall. No signs of damage in there, but if we uncover something in the kitchen, the bedroom may be next for the same treatment.

I'll try to post pictures when it's opened up if that's helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall built into hill

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