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Roommate Problem: Advice needed

19 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could provide a bit of helpful advice:

I have currently been renting out a room in my apartment to someone for the past 8 months based on a one year fixed contract.

6 months ago she told me that she had invited her friend to come and stay in our apartment for a week and wanted to know whether that was fine with me. IÂm a student; sheÂs not and we have very different schedules. She tends to get up early in the morning (5am) during the week and come home late on weekends and usually wakes me up in the process so I told her that I did mind having guests stay over for such extended periods of time but that I was ok with this guest coming over this time since the person had already bought there plane ticket. She agreed not to invite anymore guests over for extended overnight periods of time but since then this has happened 3 more times with only a few days warning during my school exam period and last month I heard her inviting two people to stay over in our apartment for 1 ½ weeks in March but she hasnÂt mentioned this to me yet and I donÂt think she plans to until they arrive on our doorstep.

I find it really frustrating to have these people hanging around my apartment and sleeping in the livingroom especially when she goes off to work and leaves them the keys.

IÂm pretty quiet and sheÂs rather domineering and doesnÂt really like to be corrected. We pay for electricity and have continued to split it 50:50. My question is: Is she taking advantage of me or am I just overreacting? ShouldnÂt she at least clear things with me to find out what my schedule is like before inviting people to stay in our apartment for 7 days

Any helpful comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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