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Bad Idea, shaking the Osage Orange tree

13 years ago

I saw one, on the neutral ground (median strip) on Dessau Road in East Austin, between Braker and Palmer in a low part of the road. Thinking my sister would want some of the bizarre fruit as 'decorative' things to put in a bowl for Thanksgiving, I parked in a subdivision, crossed three lanes of traffic, and grabbed for a branch to shake some down. YEE OW the thorns are bad, and the dang things are HEAVY when they fall on you. I got a whole mess of them but someone else will have to take them to New Orleans because I am no way going to try to explain them to TSA.

Why on earth did such a useless thing come to be? The thorns are so bad the city will have to take out the tree: any fallen branches will take out tires like mad.

Only a mad arboreal nativist would plant one of those monsters, but there it is out there on Dessau where it had to have been deliberatly placed. Weird, weird tree.

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