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NEW: New: Winter blues swap sign up

15 years ago

Okay everyone! You have been saving seeds, right? Are you ready to swap?

Here are the details.

Everyone who wishes to be involved will send the seeds they want to include in the swap to me. When the deadline rolls around, I will then swap the seeds around, and mail your new seeds back to you.

All types of seeds are welcome; flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs, vines, ect.

Please include at leat 25 seeds in each pack, unless they are small seeds, then the general "rule" is 1/8 tsp. of seeds in each packet. If it's a rare or hard to come by seed, less than 25 is okay, but please be sure to note that on the packet.

Please label each packet with the name of the seeds, and as much info as you can about growing requirements like sun or shade, plant height, ect.

Also put your screen name on each packet, so if there are questions or problems with your seed, we can take care of them.

You may send in as many packets as you would like, but please no more than 10 packets of the same type of seeds. You will get back roughly the same number you sent in.

Mail your seeds to me in a padded (bubble) envelope. Include postage to return the envelope to you.

You may also include a brief (5-10 item) wish list of seeds...I will do my best to get you a few off the list.

The deadline for seeds to reach me will be January 31, 2009. My plan is to get them out right after that, so we all get a nice suprise in our mailboxes around valentine's day.

If you would like to be included, please sign up in this thread and I will email you my address.

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