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re:Contaminated Campground.?

18 years ago

In case anybody has been reading about finding a campground, or other place, deserted, with everything still in place, like food, clothes, books, etc., did you ever stop to think--maybe the place had been contaminated by radio-active materials in the past! Everybody would have been moved out,. taking nothing with them, and moved to new housing somewhere else!

Remember the Love Canal? Didn't something similar happen there?

Maybe the owner decided the contamination had dissipated and he could rent out camping spaces again, to unsuspecting travelers! He may have let a contractor dump radioactive fill in his property, and never told anybody about it!

We had an atomic plant in Apollo, Pa., that quit its work and moved out, leaving a large plot of ground that was radio-active! The Government had to haul out great quantities of dirt, until the land was clean again! I don't know where they dumped that dirt, but you can bet it is a well kept secret!

So stay at a well kept campground! It should be o.k. and not contaminated, but there are rascals out there who don't care!

by: Rustyj

Comments (2)

  • hippy
    18 years ago

    So what are we suppose to do now? Start carring a Geiger Counter with us when we go camping?

    Oh look honey someone left a T shirt hanging from that tree limb....


    Get the kids into their contamination suits.

  • rustyj14
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Hey, Hippy, join the atomic age!!
    I only posted that message as a "Maybe", i didn't mean to get you all excited!
    And, that was only one place!
    But, in this day and age, there are charlatans out there who want to make money off of us any way they can, including thru e-mail and E-bay!
    And now, i'm going to offer you some property on the Moon!
    $100 per acre! Get it now, they're going fast! Want sunny side or shady?
    by: Rustyj

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