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Bluebirds returned, didnt nest, now they'r back 6 wks later.

11 years ago

HI, I live in Myrtle Beach SC. Had a successful brood of three fledge last year. the blues returned this spring,but left. I had chickadees that have been here, and started nesting. i removed. they seemed to be fighting over the box, but the blues left and the chicks too:( today is June 1. i saw them on the box this morning!:) they even let me walk pretty close to them. amazing..does anyone have advice on how(other than mealworms, which I do) to keep them here? i also have a NASTY HOSP that i cant seem to hit with my bb gun... yet. he was a problem also. with three very nice boxes spread apart in the yard i thought they would spread out and choose a box. sigh... help please. i LOVE these little guys and want to help them become a stronger breed in our area.

thank you!!!

Kim J.

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