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Chickadee incubation time??

14 years ago

This is our first year with Dees and after a rough start with the wrens trying to dismantle the nest things seem to be going great. The sialis site says incubation starts at the next to last egg and lasts for 12-13 days. Well it has been 14 days since the next to last egg was laid. I know it isn't that late yet but still it has me a tad worried. Do they every delay the start of incubation for any reason? What has the incubation time been for any of you that have hosted Dees before? I must say they are very tolerant of monitoring.

We also have a pair of Blues nesting in our yard (finally!!), third egg was laid today. I put up the sparrow spooker yesterday (we were gone the day of the first egg and it was pouring all day). This morning I was watching Dad trying to dismantle the spooker. He sure doesn't like it, he kept grabbing the mylar strands and just pulled on them. Good thing the duct tape holds well! Once he realized he wasn't going to be able to tear it apart he calmed down. I am thinking that this pair may have been around someone that fed them before, they were very easy to train to come to the mealworm feeder. Day one (day before first egg) I got them to come to a glass dessert dish on the ground, then we were gone the next day. Second day of training them I got them to go into a mealworm feeder with the top open with the same glass dish in it and later that day into the mealworm feeder with the top closed. Today, third day of training, they are coming to the deck already. They are very content it seems to sit in our tree out back even if we are on the deck if we go off the deck they fly but they seem much more tolerant than the Blues we have had other years and I was able to train them much quicker. I will put mealworms out 3x a day but not an unlimited suppy, only so many per day.

We have three nestboxes with TRES babies now too and two with eggs yet, another I cannot check but it seems they may have hatched also. Down at the park we have five new baby Blues, and two nests with TRES eggs, one of them has seven eggs! All of my TRES nests have had either five or six eggs. I had to count twice when I saw seven!

Here is a shot I took today of Momma Dee when I went to do a nestcheck. I almost touched her today when she came out when I opened the box up, she just sat at the hole for awhile before flying just a bit away on this branch.


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