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My Backyard Native Bird Paradise

13 years ago

This is a view looking southwest across the winter meadow about three weeks ago here at my plcae in western Ky I have named Bluebird Ridge. These Cardinals and White Crowned,White Throated Sparrows feeding in this picture represent just a handfull of native birds I have been feeding all winter. Since January I have also had about 20 Evening Grosbeaks and boy can they eat some sunflower seeds in a hurry smile..Towhees abound in the blackberry tangles and the woods in the distance is filled with native songbirds at all seasons.

In May my favorite bird of all when it comes to singing will be back and he will be playing is spiritual,haunting flute in the cool shade. The Wood Thrush truly is a poet in every way and a preacher too for all who take the time to listen to them. You can also see one of my Peterson BB Boxes in this picture and I have a bunch like this all around the meadow in the background. Bluebirds are abundant here and the number one reason for that is my relentless trapping and shooting of House Sparrows ever since I moved here 10 years ago. Another plus of doing this is not having to feed House Sparrows in the wintertime and that leads to more native sparrows like the Whitethroats,Song,Fox,Lincoln's,Swamp,Tree,etc,etc..

Well the snow is gone now and I am ready for spring! Ready for the Purple Martins to fill the sky as the warblers fill the forest canopy back there! Ready for the Northern Oriole..the Blue Grosbeaks..the Indigo Buntings!! They are all so awesome and they all exist in total harmony here on Bluebird Ridge just as they did before the introduction of Starlings and House Sparrows in the late 1800's. You can also have a native bird ecosystem full of our treasured songbirds if you adopt the zero tolerance policy towards their number one enemies I just named. Eliminating them from the habitat creates habitat for the native birds at the same time and the native birds reward you 100 times over for your trouble.

Love watching the native birds and soon the migration will bring on ever more fun as the push north begins smile..Mike

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