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chickadees and nuts

12 years ago

Reading this forum, I have learnt quite a bit about what foods specific birds like. I went out and bought some peanuts and thought the blue jays would eat them. The first time I put them out all I saw at the feeders were sparrows and chickadees, no jays. When I went out to check the feeder I saw that all the peanuts were gone. I thought maybe the sparrows had eaten them. The second time I put out peanuts I stepped back a ways and watched. In a matter of minutes, the chickadees performed a 'snatch and grab' and flew off with the peanuts! Couldn't believe these small birds liked peanuts, and these were big peanuts! I just don't know if they ate them because I did see them flying around with the peanuts still in their beaks. Should have taken my camera out with me. Marg

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