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growth habits of turf type tall fescue

Hi Yard Doctor,

I have been trying to establish a thick stand of TTTF in my front yard, after adding soil amendments,for a couple of years now. One thing I have noticed is (in the areas that are well established) that there always seems to be a lot of dead blades mixed in with the green about this time of year. Is this usual with this type of grass? Also, it seems that it tends to be thin & difficult to keep going in certain areas of the lawn. I would like to use corn gluten meal to control weeds (I have a particular problem with violets and nutsedge) but don't because I have to keep reseeding those areas. Is this also typical? Are there certain conditions that it just can't take? It gets late afternoon shade. I've been buying the Pennington seed from a big box store. It always looks wonderful in the spring!

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