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Best place to buy fruit trees online for Texas

10 years ago

I know it might be early to be buying trees (or extremely late) but I want to do all my research now and it'd help if I could start with a reputable nursery.

What supplier have you found to have the best quality at the best prices (and shipping)? Can be a local nursery, but I don't mind buying online as I can then buy all the kinds of trees I want in one fell swoop :) I'm in the DFW area.

I'm looking at buying 2 asian pear, 2 types of apple, 1 fig, 1 oro blanco grapefruit, some type of orange, lemon, and lime (still researching best type), 1 bonanza peach, 1Royal Lee minature cherry, 1 Minnie Royal minature cherry, and fuyu persimmon. Hoping to find all dwarfing rootstock as these trees will be in containers for quite a few years and I don't have space for this many full sized fruit trees, lol

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