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Why is my whole black pepper size tomato not growing?

12 years ago

Hi,I am a newbie to a home gardening and I have trouble with my precious cherry tomatoes. :(

The area I live have cooler night time temp around 65-75, daytim temp around 85-95.

I planted my cherry tomato seedlings that i bought from Lowes on June 11th, they were about 8-10 inches and they grew so tall quickly now they are about 5 feet tall and have really thick stems.

They started having flowers around June 28th, now they have 4th generation of flowers in all of them.

They all seems to be pollinated, I could see alot of whole black pepper size green tomatoes inside.

The problem is... those small tomatoes haven't grow at all for last 2 weeks!!!

My tomatoes suffered from herbicide demage thanks to my lawn care guy - at the end of June and they stop growing about a week with leave curling and then thank god, started having flowers the next week and started growing again.

What is wrong with my tomatoes?

I put so much time and attention to them, I nearly feel sad.

Thanks for your time and

Thanks ahead for your replies.



I don't know how to attach pictures. sorry...

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