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Why are my large tomato plants not blooming?

11 years ago

I am growing a couple dozen tomato plants and several varieties of peppers. I'm growing in nothing smaller than 5 gallon buckets, using a variety of soil and soil-less mediums. Pro-mix, gritty mix, etc. I also have four 4x4 beds that I'm growing in.

All my peppers (except some of the really late varieties) are blooming and setting fruit like crazy. The only tomato plants that are flowering and setting fruit are cherry and grape varieties, and a lot of those aren't even going.

I had been feeding with a nitrogen-heavy fish emulsion weekly. I only water when it feels dry. I've switched to ferts to boost my phosphate levels about a week ago. My peppers and some tomatoes just went crazy! Others are just sitting there. They look perfectly healthy.

Varieties that have shown no signs of production:

-Black Cherry

-Black Krim

-Cherokee Purple



All of these were transplanted as seedlings around the same time, in early April. Do these varieties just take a lot longer to flower and fruit?

Am I better off putting them in a spot that is full sun, or more shady? I don't really have a spot that is shady in the evening that I can put them, but I have spots that are shady about 50% of the day (morning). I'd love some input.



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