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new: nov. fotess swap: harvest wishbones

10 years ago

Nov. FOTESS Swap: Harvest Wishbones

FOTESS is a group that requires membership. If you are not currently a member, you will need to check with either me or Shirley to find out more about joining our group. We emphasize being friendly to the Earth by sharing seeds, recycling, upcycling, and sharing things we have read and enjoyed.

For our November Swap you will send and receive one previously read magazine or book, one harvest or Thanksgiving card (handmade or bought) and 5 packs of seeds.

The wishing part is that you can list what you might like to receive here. My wish list might give you some ideas:

Reading plant magazine or book, recipe/cooking magazine, or a holiday or other light reading romance novel

Seeds zinnia, herb, salvia, daylily, coleus, rudbeckia, summer squash, zucchini, or impatiens

As you'll see, you can list more than one category that you like to read and more than 5 types of seeds so the sender has some options. It will help if you make your requests a bit general and not too specific, but take your chances on something more specific if you prefer. As a sender, you do not have to honor all the wishes, just do the best that you can - and I think we all like surprises anyway.

When you sign up, if someone has already posted and you feel you can meet several of their wish requests, you can "claim" them. Once claimed, no one else can claim that person. The matches do not have to be so that the sender and receiver swap with each other.

To claim, the FOTESS member will just type in something like: "I want to send to ____ this month."

Any people who have not been claimed will be matched by me about Nov. 10th. At that point, you will just do your best to send to your fellow member something she will like. Please mail your package by Nov. 19th. Add delivery confirmation to the package when you mail it. A small size priority box or padded envelope is fine for mailing. This is not supposed to be a large box.

I sure hope the storm has been gentle with everyone. As you know, I was trying to fly from Buffalo, NY, to Columbia, SC, right as the storm approached so I am just happy to be home and not stranded somewhere.

Happy Halloween to everyone! Mother Nature sure brought her tricks along this year.

Join in on our November fun and I hope some of you will share memories or recipes for this time of year as we proceed through November.


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