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butterfly gardens seed swap

17 years ago

Someone did this a year or so ago and it seems like something worth doing again. I have become an avid butterfly watcher this summer and hope to provide both nectar for a larger variety of butterflys and forage for their catarpillars next year.

Suitable plants vary by geographic areas but if the butterflies in your yard seem to enjoy it.... feel free to send seeds. Up to ten packs of the same type are acceptable. Try for as great a variety as possible and send as much info as possible about the growth and cultivation of the seeds and about the types of butterflies they support. I can make copies of the info if necessary.

I hope to make up packets of both seeds and info about butterfly gardening to send out to players.

Deadline for sending seed to me will be Monday October 30th

As usual, send enough postage to get the packet back to you and mail in a padded envelope with an enclosed return address lable/sticker. Also be sure to include your real name AND your GW name.

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