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Help! Is my Bermudagrass Ruined?

10 years ago

We're first-time homeowners and we were told by neighbors to use "Southern Weed and Feed" on our grass. The first bag we used with great success was Sta-Green's version, but Lowes didn't carry it anymore, so my husband brought home Bonus-S by Scotts. We were not aware they weren't the same type of fertilizer, and I laid it down yesterday on our Bermudagrass not knowing. After Googling to see how soon I could lay down the Ironite, I saw directions that said it was actually bad for our grass! I spent the better part of last night sweeping and vacuuming (yes vacuuming!) the grass to get it back up, but I'm afraid I didn't get it all. What can I do now to prevent our grass from dying? Can I apply Ironite and a Bermudagrass-friendly fertilizer today? If so, what do you recommend?

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