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Plant recs for natural screen for grill/smoker?

9 years ago

Good morning, Texas gardeners! I could really use some plant recommendations/suggestions. I haven't had a chance to do any landscaping in my backyard yet, so it's pretty much just a big empty rectangle with a shed in the east end of the yard and a concrete slab that used to be an open driveway at the west end where husband has placed his 7 ft. tall cast iron smoker.

He usually uses mesquite wood and the smoke gets vented through the top of the smoker. I've been wanting to put a natural screen right behind the smoker to help deter the smoke from drifting/settling into the yard and to hide the back of the smoker but don't know what kind of plant to put there that could tolerate that amount of smoke. He doesn't use it too often but when he does, our whole yard smells like a BBQ restaurant.

Is there a kind of evergreen vine or tall/large shrub that would be suited for this? There are oleanders all over Texas highways, so I know they might could tolerate the smoke but I have a dog who likes to eat twigs, bark, grass, etc. so I want to avoid anything toxic. Any help is appreciated. TIA!

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