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NEW: obf october...."just be nice" swap

9 years ago

JUST BE NICE SWAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is that easy for the month of October!

My inspiration for this swap******I received a bumper sticker several months ago. It says, "just be nice." I love it and everybody on the road loves it too. It makes them happy! They smile, they honk their horn and scream out, "just be nice, love it."

A couple of weeks ago, I searched out where I could find these precious little gems. I found them at, you got it,

From their website, this says it all."Just Be Nice� is an international movement with a simple message, just be nice. These three simple, yet powerful words transcend through our culture as a positive lifelong message of kindness."

Please check out the story of just be nice and how it came to be at the website
The story is touching, refreshing and real.

And now for the JUST BE NICE SWAP details!

*N I C E is four letters. Send your partner four NICE anythings. You do not need to spend lots of money. Just keep it SIMPLE and keep it KIND!!!!! Please send your partner "anythings" that you would like to receive yourself.


*JUST BE NICE to those around you, whether you know them or not, every day during the month of October! Opening a door for someone, saying Thank You, saying Please. It does not need to cost even a penny. Afterall, so many of the simple things in life are free.

*JUST BE NICE must be sent in a Bubbler. Priority Flat Rate bubblers are fine. NO BOXES!

*Tracking/Delivery Confirmation PLEASE.

*Sign up deadline OCTOBER 8

*Partners posted OCTOBER 9

*Please mail by OCTOBER 20. If for some reason, you are going to be late in sending, please post here.

*Please post when you send to your partner and after you receive. Include what your NICE partner has sent you.

And, of course, there will be games. And, of course, we will be playing "NICE BINGO".
The canines can not wait to start fetching for you. And, of course, there will be prizes. And, of course, you might just be a winner without even knowing you were in the running.

Let's Just Be Nice and have some fun!!!! Fun is NICE too!!!

Thanks much!


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