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new: obf's january swap: 'new beginnings'

16 years ago

Welcome to the January swap for OBF!

A bit early, yes...but with all the hustle & bustle of the holiday, I wanted to give everyone ample time to sign up. Some of us won't be home for a week or so..while others are too busy to even turn on the computer. LOL So this gives everyone a few weeks to sign up, if they'd like. :O)

This one is all about "NEW BEGINNINGS".

Since we are all maxed out from our holidays, I'd like us to treat each other to something just for us. A special treat, if you will!

Here's how this will work:

The idea is to send your partner a complete new hobby or even an old & enjoyed one. Something to be enjoyed indoors, or to look forward to in the spring. Some ideas here are: An indoor herb garden (either a store bought kit, or one you've put together yourself!), a cross-stitch project, latch hook rug kit, a themed seed garden (you could include hand tools, gloves, etc), a starter container garden, a baking set (cookbook, utensils, apron, etc), scrapbooking starter kit, crochett kit...really, your imagination is the limit!

Just 2 rules here:

Keep it simple (most of us have tapped out our money resources for the holidays!) & make sure you include everything necessary to complete the project. (unless it's gardening - can't include soil! or baking - can't ship perishable food! But within reason, please include everything needed for a satisfying hobby experience! :O)

Signups are open now, and will be held until January 5th. Partners will be assigned on the 6th, with packages to be mailed out by the 20th.

Let's make January a good start for the swapping year, ladies!


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