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Is it a mistake to put food waste in with leaf bedding?

8 years ago

So I started a bin about a week ago (30x18x12 with only labout 6" of bedding) and ran into a question. I know that it might take some time for the worms to start actually breaking down to food scraps I put in (how long of a time is that, anyway?), but just to see what they'd do I have a small amount of lettuce and part of an avocado skin in the bin right now. It's been a few days and I've checked it probably four or five times now and haven't seen any kind of activity near it. Food scraps are setting on top of the bedding, by the way...should I slightly bury it?

My main question is this: I know worms will eventually compost the leaves that I'm using for bedding. Is that going to take away from them breaking down food scraps, or will they still break them down as fast? If I were to switch to cardboard bedding, could we compost more food scraps? We don't produce a ton of food scraps, so it would be nice to compost all of it if I could.

Or is this just a matter of them needing to "settle in" longer?

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