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Easily Separating Worms From Castings: My Invention

10 years ago

I came up with and tested this idea I had a while back and I am happy to report, it works! Very well! It is no longer a "Thought Experiment". Rather than using incandescent bulbs to drive worms down, I used old aquarium heating cables to drive them up. The cables warm slowly, giving the worms time to get away. The rising heat follows the worms up the food column forcing them from the base tub thru the mesh and into the new food tray.

After a few hours, the base tub is free of ALL worms and they are crowded into the top new food tray. My guess is reptile heat pads could be used to substitute for heating cables though I never tried it.

1. Zero worm loss in castings.
2. Minimal worm disturbance.
3. Can be integrated into an overall 2-3 level bin design (surprised this has not been done already).
4. Allows control over when mass casting amounts are harvested.

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