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Worms like it wetter than I thought...

14 years ago

Hi folks,

Most of the discussion that I've read on this board (at least from beginners, like me) has dealt with bins that are too wet. I thought that I might be in that camp, especially since I'd get all the little mites on top of any food that wasn't completely covered by bedding. However, I disturbed my worms for the first time in a few weeks to figure out where they all were, and they were almost ALL in the densely packed, very moist material at the very bottom of the bin.

I thought that my bedding at the top was fulfilling the "squeezed out sponge" requirement in terms of moisture, but I may have been wrong. I've only been feeding in the top to middle zone, which is definitely not where the worms are hanging out. I've had some lettuce in there for a week that almost looks completely fresh!!

My thoughts on what to do/troubleshooting are the following:

1: upper bedding too dry - spray with water

2: upper bedding too loosely packed - add more and squish?

3: dig into the dense bottom stuff when I feed (may disturb worms)

4: start freezing and microwaving my food until the farm becomes a bit more active.

Any opinions on the above? For some stats, I'm using a sterilite bin (18"x10"x8" high) with drainage holes (nothing has really been draining, actually), started with a pound of worms, and have a pretty broad distribution of sizes in there now after about 2 months, from eggs and tiny worms to some pretty big ones. I'm feeding about 1-2 cups of food per week (except for the 1/4 head of lettuce that is just sitting in there), primarily apple cores, coffee grounds, cut up banana peel and cooked veggie scraps from the table.


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