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Ron, unusual question and others may want the answer too.

15 years ago

Hi Ron,

Have an unusual question for you.

You know that I have a couple of MG that we can't ID and I'd love to grow out the seeds from them, if I get any, next year.

So was thinking today about it and wondering if they would possibly or probably bloom the same way that a daylily would that is grown from seed that is taken from a hybrid daylily.

When those daylilies bloom from seed, you have no idea what the flower will look like and you can have many, many different flower blooms from seeds from the same parent daylily.

So is it possible that you could have the same result with seeds from a crossed MG?

Do you think that If I sowed say 10 seeds from one of these NO ID MG, I would get or could get all different flowers blooms or would they all turn out the same or any possible combo?

And if they bloomed differently next year, do you think that would continue or would the bloom next year, if different, then become stable.

Hope I explained my question clearly and thanks in advance for the answers.


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