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Leaf Problem I've Never Seen Before - Please Help!!! (Pics)

13 years ago

My tomatoes have developed a problem that really has me worried. I've look at many websites to see if I can find any disease that corresponds with the symptoms but I can't seem to find anything. Here is what is going on:

I planted out about a month ago and everything seemed fine until last week the new growth on my container plants started to look funny. The best way I can describe it is to say the new growth looked tight, like it was growing in width faster than in length. The stems and leaves were thicker than normal and the leaves actually fused together. Now almost all the plants are growing like this. Please help me determine what this is, and if I need to pull up the plants infected asap to save the others. A summer without tomatoes is not summer at all.

I have 10 indeterminate plants in the ground (all but three are exhibiting these signs), 2 det. in containers (they showed these signs first), and five dwarfs (two of which are infected).

This is by far the worst and was the first to start showing symptoms:

Here you can see the leaves that are fused together.

Do you see how the stem is wavy. That seems to be another characteristic.

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