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I need some Home and Garden Show advice

15 years ago

I have never been to a home and garden show before and need some advice. I see that there is one in Fort Worth this weekend. But, then there is also one in Arlington at the end of the month. I think that there are a few others, just don't remember. Since I could get some info on all of them from the same website, are they all put on by the same people? Does it make a difference when and where I go if they are all the same (in other words, would I be wasting time and money going to all of them?). There is one with Neil Sperry (I think the one in Arlington). Would that be better than the fort worth one? Is it just better if I don't go at all (I'll spend too much money, of which I don't have much)? Also, are they more home than garden? I need to do stuff in the house, but at the moment I'm more concerned with my garden. Any advice, tips or previous experience would be greatly appreciated.


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