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Is my new Carambola tree Dying? (it's dropping it's leaves) :-(

16 years ago

Hello everyone!

I've recently (yesterday) received an new 7-Gallon Carambola (Starfruit) tree from Jene's tropicals. Well anyway I took it out of it's box (it appears the top half and a couple of branches was pruned off already for shipping) I watered it with a 5-Gallon container filled with about two gallons of water and a cap-full of superthrive (NOT fertilizer)I also took some of that water and applied it to it's leaves. and put it in full sun. Well every since yesterday afternoon more and more of it's leaves are turning yellow and falling off and I'm getting extremely worried about it. Is my plant dying? Did I give it too much water? Was it the superthrive? Also... I was planning to plant it in a 17 gallon containter late next week should I wait longer than that (assuming it makes it?)

- Johnathan

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