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Did I just kill my tomato plant while transplanting? Newbie here

12 years ago

Hello, I was guided to this forum from a friend for my question on what happened...

This morning I tore the roots of my Brandywine that I mistakenly planted in a 10 gallon container two weeks ago (I had thought it was a dwarf variety I am also growing) The roots tore when I tried to lift the whole thing out of the pot to transfer into a 45 gallon container.

I thought I had gotten the whole plant and root ball out but I went to mix up the soil that was leftover in the pot (after I lifted out the Brandywine) and there were roots in there (there was about 5" of soil left in the pot and the roots that were torn off were all the way to the bottom as well.

Will my tomato plant survive having a around 5" of it's roots being torn off?

My friend just told me to keep the plant in the shade for a day or two and hopefully it will just go through a short transplant shock and start growing again, but she wasn't completely sure.

Thank you in advance.

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