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Yard Update 3/23/11

12 years ago

I took a few shots of some goings on in the yard. Starting with my Alano Sapodilla:

Surinam Cherry "Zill Black"

Tiger's Eye Longan

Kau Dwarf Mango

Black Gold x Tabouey Jakfruit

Kent Mango

Hak Ip Lychee

Nam Doc Mai mango #2

Sweetheart Lychee

Van Dyke mango

Large June Plum

Carrie mango

Irwin mango

Rhett Tong mango

Spirit of 76 mango

Maha Chanook mango #2

Pickering mango

Nam Doc Mai mango #1

Tebow mango

Angie mango....sorry for blur....wrong camera setting

Jean Ellen mango, again blurred

New purchase from Pine Island.....Pink Ohia lychee and two dragon fruits.....Natural Mystic and Voodoo Child to the right

New purchase from Pine Island.....Groff Lychee and again the same dragon fruits

Blueberries I bought in Home Depot about a month or so ago. They were beginning to bloom when I bought them and have set lots of fruit. If anyone can tell what cultivar they may be I would love to know.

Vanilla going into bloom

Hasya sapodilla....which I have some available for sale/trade/shipping. If anyone is interested, contact me by e-mail.

All for now.

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