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Stunted growth/ Colored Leaves, What's missing?

18 years ago

I noticed the onset of these leaves a month back, but thought nothing of it. Well, I actually posted the problem, but got no responses. And while it took me a while to realize it, my plants have really been slow in growing. Definitely stunted growth. And I have never had that problem before. In fact, its usually the opposite. I get bushy plants, but no tomatoes until mid Augest. This year we are getting tomatoes, but the plants have stopped growing at 3-4 ft (better boys). They don't seem as strong as usual either.

I gave them 5-10-10 2 weeks after I put them in the ground and when I started getting a lot of smaller tomatoes (month and half back). And when I saw the dis-coloration of leaves I gave them Ironcide and Peters fertilizer hoping it would make them grow a bit and fix the deficiency. But nothing has helped on either front.

Please, what is wrong? It is driving me nuts.

Thanks so much for the help.

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