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tomato problems cont'd.

15 years ago

Thanks to eplina for your suggestions, That's a good resource page. Also Earl's page on "tomato problems 2" is good information.

I don't think it is a calcium deficiency, but the picture of the tomato is pretty close, however the tomato plant problems on that page don't look anything like ours. Our plants look pretty healthy, please see picture. These are determinate plants & the types of tomatoes are anyone's guess. (labels were switched). On the next post (don't know how to upload more than one picture at a time) I will send pictures of all the T plants, they look healthy. the indeterminate Early girls on are on the right and left of the determinate plants. But they all look healthy. We just moved here to this place and no telling what was grown before or what needs to be looked at. Maybe we need the soil checked out? we plant many marigolds and companion plants and don't use anything but organic spray, Green Light oils. Lettuce was decimated by green worms, cabbage loopers and catepillars and those were in raised beds. Hope things get better. thanks!

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