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Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller assistance (Cont'd)

13 years ago

(quote) Posted by Val Campbell 98033( on Sun, Mar 6, 11 at 9:37

I have a 1992 Horse with a Briggs and Stratton 7 horse engine on it. I am finding that the transmission is extremely hard to shift. I have changed the 140 weight lube in the tranny but that doesn't seem to help. I can shift it when it's running and by bumping the clutch a little, but with only the strongest effort, to the point where I'm afraid I'm going to break the shifter.... how common is this? This tiller was purchased a couple of years ago and had very very little run time prior to that.. owned by an attorney that probably only put 10 hours on it in the previous 18 years.... didn't shift that hard when I first got it???? (quote)

Val, I had the fortune to tear one of the older Horse II models down to its smallest component parts and rebuild it from scratch... in 1978. That being said, All I remember about the inside of that tranny was that in addition to the steel/iron parts, it had a handful of brass or bronze gears that were worn pretty badly, making it difficult to shift. Sounds like that might be your problem here. It seems odd that you'd have worn gears already though with as little operating time as it sounds like it has.

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