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Early Girl Tomato - Stunted Fruit Growth

11 years ago


I have an Early Girl tomato plant that had been growing well and producing fruit until about 4 weeks ago. The plant had/has some curled leaves, but the new growth leaves on the top look fine.

The main concern right now is around the fruit of the plant. What is happening is the tomatoes that are growing are not ganing any size, but instead are staying very small, and sometimes ripening this way. The green tomatoes on the plant seem to have been the same size (golf ball) for several weeks now and do not seem to be growing.

Does anyone know what may be wrong? I was thinking Root Knots, but I am not sure. I am wondering if there is anything I can do with this plant.

I have a Cherry tomato and Goliath tomato planted on the sides of this plant (good distance) and they seem to be fine.

Let me know your thoughts!

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