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Tomato leaves curled/rolled, slightly stunted growth

17 years ago

I have a raised bed with 7 tomato plants in it. 4 of them are growing well, but the lower 3 are not. they have curled/rolled leaves and are much smaller than the other 4.

the leaves don't exhibit any particular pathology other than the curl, although some of the Neves show a light attack of bacterial speck and the Traveler has some Early Blight, it looks like.

I do use a lawn service, so herbicide damage is not beyond the realm of possiblities, but I would be surprised.

the bed slopes down toward these plants, so maybe it could be excess water? that would be surprising, as hot as it has been here.

the link below is to 4 photos, all with captions.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4 photos of the problem

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