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Yellow leaves/black spotting on Pink Oxhearts

18 years ago

Hi, I am a total newbie here as well as in the garden, and have looked at the problem solvers 1&2, and nothing quite compares to what is going on with my pink oxhearts, it does appear similar in a couple of ways to early blight or septoria leaf spot. I am in z6, at 3000' alt., and we have had a day or so of unseasonably hot weather, and almost daily thundershowers here, if that might help in diagnosis. As I am new to gardening, I would like a more enlightened opinion than my own.there is a photolink below. I don't want to junk up the forum, but if someone would look specifically at my problem, I would be grateful, as I am just about to have a full-blown panic attack over my "babies".

I have several varieties of tomatoes in my garden, including Nicolaevna, Pink Brandywine, White Wonder, White Beauty, Great White, Ky Beefsteaks, Giant Beefmaster, Hillbilly, Hybrid Heavyweight, Cherokee Purple,and Green Zebras, along with 4 varieties of cherry tomatoes. I ordered the Nicolaevnas from Europe, and would be darn-near devastated if something happened to eradicate all of them along with my CPs and Brandywines.

I have also found bugs that match the photos of the Colorado Potato Beetle larvae (think mutated, soft, squishy ladybug looking fellows w/2 rows of spots down each side) on my plants,and have just been picking them off and squishing them. Would this by any chance be symptomatic of their devastation?

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of the spots

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