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Read any good books this winter?

18 years ago

It's been unseasonably warm here, so I've been able to get outside quite a bit, but there are still the long nights to deal with. I got hooked on the Left Behind series in the Summer doldrums and ended up reading all 12 plus 2 of the 3 prequels (prequel 3 comes out in June), finishing them up just before Christmas. Then I got started back on John Grisham novels. I read A Painted House, King of Torts, and just finished The Broker. I checked out The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy while I am waiting on The Last Juror to come back. As you can see, I like mystery, intrigue, and action. I decided last summer that there's no need for me to buy all these books when we have a perfectly good and well-stocked public library less than 3 blocks away. Any more book lovers out there?

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